Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Swell Favorites: health & beauty - items, products, and services

There are a few items, products, and services that I thought necessary enough to share on my blog when it came to beauty and health... so here they are!

Favorite place to get a manicure or pedicure at a great price: DJ Nails

Why: Because they are friendly, fluent in English, clean, use hot stones in every service, have very nice pedi chairs and won't break the bank.

Favorite place to find a unique pair of earrings: 4 Starrs Boutique

Why: They have an eclectic assortment so there's something for every style.

Favorite hair product I can't go a day without: Moraccin Oil - Light Formula

Why: In a nutshell, it repairs your hair, cuts down drying time, and eliminates flyaways.

Favorite organic sunless tanning: Lynne Wheeler, Salon Bellissima

Why: It looks like a real tan, not fake and orange, it's affordable, and Lynne is awesome!

Favorite makeup product I can't live without: NARS blush

Why: I have had mine for 3 years, used it every day, and there's still some left! Plus it looks amazing.

Favorite lash lengthener product that I've witnessed: LiLash eyelash serum

Why: Because it causes your real lashes to grow rather than adding false lashes on (extenstions) which can eventually cause your lashes to break off. And because my friend Jamie uses it and it really works!

Favorite professional hair tools brand: Babyliss

Why: Because they work great, have good warrantees, and won't snag or pull your hair.

Favorite Chiropractor: Dr. Lockwood, Align Chiropractic

Why: Because Dr. Chris Lockwood is super friendly, and doesn't want you to have to keep going back to get adjusted over and over again - he wants you to get healed so you can stop having to come to the chiropractor. He is also very professional, won't rush the appointment, and heals people like me.

Favorite sunless tanning lotion: Nature's Gate Skin Glow

Why: Because it's white, not tinted lotion so it applies like a normal lotion, and darkens your natural pigment every day that you use it - building to a nice natural tan color over about a week's time. I use it everyday and I love it. It's only $11.00 at the local Food Co-Op.

Favorite nail polish brand: OPI

Why? It goes on more evenly than Essie or any other comparable brand, has endless colors to choose from, and lasts a long time on your nail and in your stash of polishes - won't clump.

If you need any professional advice on hair products, styles, or services, please feel free to email me at annaroosma@hotmail.com . Thanks for reading!

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  1. I absolutely love that I got a mention in your beauty product summary! Lilash is the best and I recommend it to everyone! I've also been on the lookout for a good nail place in Bellingham, so thanks!!