Sunday, September 26, 2010

Box color vs. Professional color

Everyone’s hair color is unique. Depending on if your hair has been colored, highlighted, damaged by other elements such as the sun or chlorine, or has never been colored (virgin hair), the formula for the perfect hair color will be different for everyone. When you purchase a box of color at the store, it’s like a “one-size fits all” color that has very unbalanced pH levels and overly strong chemicals. The goal of the companies that make box colors is to alter the color of your hair, but without taking into consideration what color hair you currently have, or what kind of hair history you have, it is impossible to guarantee that your hair will turn out to be the color that is shown on the front of the box. Many people attempt to color their hair with box color and it turns out orange. This is because it is not a custom formula made specifically for your unique hair and the overly strong chemicals try their best to change your hair color to the picture on the front of the box, but in most cases, it just damages it and turns it orange. I recommend not using box colors on your hair if you want it to be healthy, shiny, strong, and the color you really want it to be!

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